Supported Initiatives

Plus 94 Research takes its social responsibility seriously and believes in being a part of successful and equitable society. The business supports various initiatives that are allied with the goals of a more progressive world. They are as follows:


BizNexus passionately believes that an entrepreneur’s skill is his/her best capital and it offers its users the chance to use their most important asset: their success likelihood. The Biznexus platform is for registered South Africa entrepreneurs to showcase their profiles to potential investors for the purpose of being considered for business and investment opportunities.

The platform also integrates machine learning into the entrepreneur profiling and screening process. Through specifically targeted and well-researched questions, BixNexus assesses an entrepreneur’s potential, unlike traditional funders who can only evaluate the risks. This online assessment is used as a comparative tool that helps identify the success likelihood of an entrepreneur through analysing the skill equity, which determines potential future performance. The assessment produces two mechanisms which detail a benchmark criterion that is compared alongside the entrepreneur’s potential status to succeed. The mechanisms being a Diagnostic Report and an Investment Grade Certificate which is then made available to any potential investors on the platform.

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BuildRSA is an initiative for the greater good of the South African nation. It operates through a dialogue that involves everyone that is interested in building a winning country. It is a platform not just for airing critical developmental topics, but also for finding suitable ways of resolving them before they cause degenerative damage to our country. At BuildRSA, while acknowledging our problems, we believe that we can win together, and that South Africa can be counted among some of the most successful countries in the world. We recognise that we live in a world with an endless array of mouthpieces and communication platforms. What sets us apart is that we are truly South African, patriotic and are focused on solving those problems that hold our country down. We do this in a constructive way. BuildRSA is apolitical. We engage all topics that matter, including allowing our citizens to express political opinions. Our rules demand that this be done in a constructive way, in the interests of South Africa.

The Sifiso Falala Foundation (SFF)

The Sifiso Falala Foundation (SFF), established in 2015, was set up to address specific societal, humanitarian and quality of life-related challenges. The innovative approaches of the foundation are embodied in five key focus areas, namely; education and training, health and sanitation, philosophy and ethics, productivity, as well as the environment. The overarching purpose of the SFF is to better the lives of persons in impoverished communities who lack access to basic amenities and services. It aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and tools to make them independent and self-sustaining. The SFF is a registered as non-profit organisation and it operates through the goodwill of a few partner organisations and donors.

African Genius Awards (A.G.A)

The African Genius Awards (A.G.A) recognise exceptional Africans that have made an outstanding contribution to the realisation of Africa self-determination, dignity and exceptionalism. The awards aim to motivate all Africans towards superlative performance, especially African youth. The A.G.A seeks to engage with African youth that believe in a globally competitive Africa. The awards are for Africans of all ages and is held annually on Africa Day, 25th May.

In order to qualify for an A.G.A, a nominee has to meet certain criteria, specifically relating to one or more of problem solving, global competitiveness, self-love and patriotism. A.G.A Adjudication Committee consists of 6 members drawn from various fields of expertise. Verification and research on nominees are carried out by the independent company, Plus 94 Research. Performance needs to be determined as being indubitably extraordinary to warrant genius status. Winners receive an award.

Sovereign Africa Ratings (SAR)

Sovereign Africa Ratings (SAR) is a licensed service provider of sovereign and sub-sovereign rating services. It was founded in 2018 on the belief that there exists a need for an independent Africa Rating firm. It is independent and considers its methodologies to be more progressive and unbiased, where traditional agencies arguably have demonstrated a capital market and western economy bias.

SAR is not a traditional Credit Ratings Agency and focuses on the bottom-up model of economic analyses. Its multifaceted approach to its analysis process is geared to give a more balanced view, especially when reporting on emerging markets. The SAR methodology is unique in that it is customisable to local conditions whilst retaining economic and mathematical rigour.

The main aim of SAR is to instigate scalable economic improvement through accurate reporting and recommendations. The ultimate goal is to allocate a score for a nation’s economic  credit rating, but to also indicate its potential.

Progressive Dictionary

The Progressive Dictionary seeks to improve English so that it can more accurately describe things that hinder us, and provide avenues for exploring those that can transform us. As our society emerges from a history of oppression, it finds itself lagging behind the developed world, and plagued by third world problems. Furthermore, the cogitation and conceptualisation of these concepts in development is affected by language dexterity. With that said, English has failed Africa as the main common language used to catalyse changes needed because of its limitations when it comes to the peculiarity of our situation in the developing world. The Progressive Dictionary was launched in 2022 to supplement the English language so that it is just as efficient as a medium of thought and action in the developing world as it is in the developed world.


As language is arguably the most important medium of transforming society and of improving human harmony, the Progressive Dictionary has the potential to bridge the development gap between different nations that use English as a medium of communication, including its use in legislation and teaching. English words that are already in the standard English dictionary are not included in the Progressive Dictionary. The Progressive Dictionary is dynamic and evolving as it allows users to suggest new words for concepts that are, in their view, not accurately described by anyone, particular existing, English word.

The Finishing School of Ethics and Performance (FSEP)

South Africa is at the ethical and moral crossroads where a new normativity has developed post-apartheid and where moral degeneration and public morality in the country needs regeneration. The principal objective of the Finishing School of Ethics and Performance is to develop character among South Africans (from the cradle to old age) as a response to some of these challenges facing society today. As such, the school has created two innovative programmes to inspire the regeneration process, namely, the Programme on Ethics and Morals and the Programme on Performance and Competitiveness. Both programmes have been designed to shape and develop the mind to achieve a fulfilled life.

The modular programme on Ethics and Morals discusses the core values as building blocks in moral decision-making by introducing the concepts of moral reasoning, theories of moral reasoning and moral obligation, and finally comparative moral systems. The content is augmented by case studies where participants have to work through and arrive at possible moral judgements.

The modular programme on Competition and Performance seeks to assist participants to understand the phenomenon of competition from an individual, societal and economic perspective. The module explores the relationships between individual competitive behaviour, performance and productivity through the use of competitive scenario models.

The Programmes are available for children and adults and are designed as follows:

Ethics and Morality:

Performance and Competitiveness:

The programme material is available and can currently be offered as follows:

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