Advertising pre & post tests

Advertising pre & post tests

As with product testing and packaging testing, not every advertising campaign works favourably for the brand or works at all. Advertising pre-testing is done at different stages from storyboard to finished commercial.

Plus 94 Research has the appropriate tools for assessing the potential of an advertisement in terms of relevance, simplicity, effectiveness and enjoyment. Post-testing is important for outgoing and ongoing ads to track if the commercial is living up to its promise.

Question Areas:

  • Advertising Recall
  • Message Take Out
  • Commercial Likeability
  • Commercial Simplicity and Comprehension
  • Commercial Empathy
  • Commercial Relevance
  • Commercial Brand Fit
  • Commercial Effectiveness

Application of Product:

It is important that a commercial works positively for the brand being advertised, as at times a commercial can work for a category or not work at all. Through this product, the efficacy of a commercial can be assessed. This is helpful regarding fixing the execution and re-testing until optimum results are realized.