Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

The Plus 94 research Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM) tool benchmarks customer satisfaction against critical norms to determine more accurately if the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied.

The methodology also segments customers according to loyalty regimes, thus enabling the client to target specifically those customers who they are at risk of losing with correct messages, products and services. Plus 94 research has a track record in Customer Experience Tracking.

Packaging Testing Question Areas:

  • General Benchmarks
  • Service-Specific Expectation Benchmarks
  • Key Determinants of Empathy
  • Satisfaction Rating Overall
  • Attribute Specific Satisfaction Rating
  • Segmentation Questions
  • Demographic Questions

Application of Product:

All businesses agree that the customer is king. Having satisfied customers that enjoy a fulfilling experience is a guarantee of long-term patronage. This tool is useful in underscoring which attributes and which divisions of the organisation are performing as required and which ones need to improve. It enables comparison of services rendered to those of the competition.