360 Degree Performance Appraisals

360 Degree Performance Appraisals

The 360-degree performance appraisals have become a popular method for conducting employee appraisals on key competencies and behavioural attributes. Adding our Plus 360 Performance Appraisal to your performance management toolkit will allow your business to assess your employees in a 360-degree view revealing more information on working relationships, teamwork, communication, management, leadership, and many other aspects which aren’t measurable through traditional performance management systems. 360-degree performance appraisal, unlike traditional downward assessment, gives each employee a chance to rate their manager, internal customers, peers and also gives clients the opportunity to contribute to their scores.

Available sources for assessments:

  • Self Assessment
  • Assessment from Managers or Supervisors
  • Assessment from Direct Reports or Subordinates
  • Assessment from Internal Customers or Peers
  • Assessment from Clients or Suppliers

Plus 360 Performance Appraisal Features:

  • Participant management – Manage all 360 stakeholders
  • Relationship setup and management – Setup your company structure and appraisals
  • Template-based emailer – Send notifications and participant invitations
  • Participant portal for assessments – Each participant logs into a personalised dashboard
  • Relationship and progress reports – Helpful reports to help you identify potential problems and misconfiguration
  • Helpdesk integration for support – Easy to use helpdesk system to manage support requests from participants

Application of Product:

The Plus 360 Performance Appraisal is a key product for helping Human Resources conduct fair reviews of their staff’s performance. This is not meant to replace traditional scorecard appraisals but does provide additional measurements which can be tied into existing performance appraisal frameworks.