Research Express

Research Express is an affiliate company of Plus 94 Research. Research Express conducts digital in-depth and analytical surveys by taking advantage of the growing power, not just of the written word, but of text as a means of communicating.  In a society where text-based social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are rapidly replacing social interactions that are oral or dependent on the spoken word. Text is powerful, direct, introspective and could potentially be more precise in unearthing true views and emotions. 

Research Express provides a professional online environment where participants are authenticated and segmented, and the discussions are research objective driven. Text mining allows for all reports to be made available almost immediately.

As an online platform, Research Express can be compared with the following traditional data collection methods:

Physical meetingsVirtual meetings
VoiceText with videos and pictures
ModeratorPossibility of several/self-moderation
About two hours longAbout 70 minutes long
Slow build upFast paced
Starts on the dayCan begin before the day
Recruit and moderateInvite from a panel
Harder to ascribe individualsInformation has individual footprint
Confirmation is by call or physicalConfirmation is by call or physical
Usually a dedicated topicCan multitask topics
Recording and transcriptionAutomatic transcription
One voice at a timeMultiple voices
Only 8-12 respondents15-35 respondents
Steered group dynamicsNatural group dynamics

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