Reputation & Image Assesment

Reputation & Image Assesment

The importance of reputation and image work is understated. It is advisable for companies to regularly assess the overall market image of their business (corporate image) and products (brand image). Through specialised modeling, Plus 94 Research offers detailed analysis of the corporate brand. Plus 94 also offers a specialised technique for specifically studying corporate reputation (IRI), which incorporates brand identity into the image of the brand.

Question Areas:

  • Diagnostic Questions
  • Behavioural Questions (Purchase and Boycotting Behaviours)
  • Importance Rating of Reputation Dimensions
  • Specific Rating of Individual Reputation Attributes
  • Overall Corporate Reputation

Application of Product:

The reputation score of a company is directly correlated to its performance commercially. It is therefore important to understand what the main reputation determinants are, as well as how they should be managed. This tool helps companies and organisations to enjoy healthy public reputations among key stakeholder groups, including shareholders.