Packaging Testing

Packaging Testing

Even with a winning product formulation and marketing campaign, a brand is incomplete without an appropriate package, that complements its attributes. Some packages undersell or oversell a product thereby leading to consumer alienation and distrust, or lost market opportunities.

Plus 94 Research tools evaluate all the explicit and implicit facets of a package resulting in a package design that is aligned to the brand’s image, performance and target market.

Packaging Testing Question Areas:

  • Visual Appeal of Packaging
  • Suitability
  • Key Message Takeout
  • Commercial Questions
  • Diagnostic Questions
  • Overall Rating and Purchase Intent

Application of Product:

A package is the first contact that the prospect has with the product. It conveys a number of sensory and emotional messages about what product or service should be expected. It has the ability to determine the willingness to try a brand and ultimately its sustained success on the market.