The African Independent Research Operators Network (AIRON) seeks to place the continent on par with the rest of the world in many areas, including commerce. It was founded in April 2012 by Dr Sifiso Falala, the CEO of Plus 94 Research. It is a research facility that ensures that doing research in Africa is finally in the palms of your hands, and is as easy and reliable as elsewhere in the world. Africa is not just about the nearly one billion consumers, or its vibrant youth, it is also about its thousands of cultures and subcultures. The continent, which has the world’s most lucrative natural resources, is successfully making its passage from darkness into light. The formation of AIRON in April 2012 was a recognition of Africa’s entry into the world of persistent scientific enquiry performed by competent local research agencies. AIRON guarantees a new order in African research in which insights are delivered accurately, competently and cost effectively.


We aim to provide globally competitive research solutions in Africa, delivered by independent African researchers in the local markets in which they possess incomparable expertise and experience.


To be the most comprehensive, relevant and effective research network in Africa.

Research Services

Through our network we are able to provide a full array of services and solutions for African research projects, such as:

• PAPI/CAPI Interviews
• In-depth Interviews
• Telephonic Interviews
• Online Interviews
• Focus Groups
• Mystery Shopping
• Data Capturing
• Data Processing
• Data Analysis
• Statistical Modelling
• Research Reports
• Online Research Presentation

AIRON has contractual agreements in place with its members to guarantee that quality, speed and cost are governed, so that clients will receive consistent pricing, timing and quality. Some of the key advantages of AIRON are:

  • Local research expertise and knowledge of terrain.
  • Global research standards and technology.
  • Consistent quality across Africa.
  • Standardised and cost effective pricing.
  • Timeous delivery.
  • Centralised project management across Africa.

Contact Us

For quotations, proposals, or for information on how to become a member kindly contact: