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Monitoring and Evaluation


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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) should be an integral part of any serious project or business undertaking. It creates an atmosphere where the chance of optimal usage of resources and transparent M&E protocols in place, it is difficult for claims to complete accountability to stakeholders to be validated.

South Africa is a development state facing high unemployment, depressed growth and a considerable lack of optimism. In this environment, it is important that the finite resources dedicated to selected business interventions are used optimally, and that the inputs and outputs of such programmes are carefully planned. The formulae for successful projects can be replicated in other areas with the result being used to improve overall performance.

Plus 94 Research uses several approaches for conducting M&E, the exact tool of choice being dependent on the project at hand and some important variables. Ensuring that M&E accompanies most initiatives would normally give rise to objectivity, minimize time and cost, and maximize returns.