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Diagnostic Productivity Monitor


Diagnostic Productivity MonitorDiagnostic Productivity Monitor

This is a business tool that measures the application of the scarce time resource to essential tasks the business needs to deliver on its mandate. Ultimately the Diagnostic Productivity Monitor (DPM) is an efficiency benchmarking tool whose main output is efficiency levels for individual employees, as well as the collective organisational efficiency.

Productivity is a function of not only efficiency but also of the systematic application of time to relevant tasks. The DPM will assist the business in determining investment of time into productivity linked and unlinked tasks, as well as informing it of the effective productive time the company gets from its employees. Ultimately the DPM will achieve the following for any business:

1. Reduce Processing Time and Costs
2. Increase Shareholder Value
3. Increase Output and Quality
4. Improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction
5. Grow Reputation and Bottom Line
6. Attract High Profile Investors and Employees