Top Companies Reputation Index

Is based on an 8 pillar reputation model presented to respondents who are familiar or very familiar with each corporate entity. The Top 30 Companies are taken from a list of the highest 30 advertising spend companies between January and November of the previous year.



Predictive Priority Profiling

Allows you to understand people’s priorities which drive their decision making and behaviour. These priorities will immediately indicate the most important areas of focus that will resonate with the given target audience.



Plus 360

Our Plus 360 system allows Human Resources to appraise employees equitably. Employees are appraised by their peers, subordinates and superiors, thereby giving a balanced view of their performance.



Extra Sensory Brand Index

The Extra Sensory Brand Index model gives the brand manager a deeper understanding of the experience landscape in which their brand is traded.



Brand Energy Explorer

The Brand Energy Explorer is an innovative research technique developed by Plus 94 Research that enables you to understand the position occupied by your brand/s within its category.