360-Degree-PerformancePricing Research





Every product has an optimal price point at which it achieves the largest return on volumes or profit. This price is related to affordability levels within the market and to pricing of other brands. It is not sufficient to merely conduct a brand price trade off, as this will indicate the utility of the brand, without necessarily predicting sales volumes.

Plus 94′s price research techniques allow for the establishment of brand price utilities, but also inform the client about market performance at different price points.

Pricing Research Question Areas:

  • Price Elasticity Modelling
  • Brand Price Trade Off
  • Conjoint and Utility Analysis

Application of Product:

This product is helpful in determining the optimum price for the product, and is also useful in deciding on a market entry price, and what the effect of aggressive pricing would be. It models market share positions based on price elasticity. Therefore the marketer can see what the effect of dropping or increasing their price would be, and what the effect of competitor price changes would be.